CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-004)

(CV0-004.AA1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-589-3
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Hands-On Labs

60+ LiveLab | 59+ Video tutorials | 01:18+ Hours



  • Writing, Reading, and Parsing YAML Files
  • Creating a Storage Account
  • Performing Incremental Backup
  • Using AWS Pricing Calculator
  • Creating an AWS EKS Cluster
  • Creating a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Creating an IAM User
  • Creating a Kinesis Data Stream
  • Configuring Access to AWS KMS Keys
  • Creating a Web ACL
  • Configuring IPSec
  • Working with Git
  • Installing Docker
  • Creating a CloudWatch Dashboard and Adding a Metric to it
  • Encrypting the Disk in a VM
  • Creating a VM Instance
  • Creating an EC2 Auto Scaling Group
  • Creating an Amazon SQS Queue
  • Creating an Amazon SNS Topic
  • Creating a DevTest Lab
  • Installing Ansible
  • Enabling and Disabling Amazon Inspector
  • Using AWS Glue
  • Creating Logic Apps
  • Creating a Firewall
  • Capturing a Packet Using Wireshark
  • Installing Terraform
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Using Nmap
  • Using AWS CodeCommit
  • Working with JShell
  • Simulating a DDoS Attack
  • Using the SET Tool
  • Backing Up and Restoring Amazon DynamoDB Tables
  • Creating a Lambda Function
  • Creating an Application Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Creating a CloudFormation Template
  • Creating an Encrypted EBS Volume
  • Enabling and Disabling GuardDuty
  • Creating a VPC Endpoint
  • Creating a NAT Gateway
  • Creating a Hosted Zone Using Amazon Route 53
  • Creating a CloudTrail
  • Creating a VPN Connection
  • Creating a VPC Using the Deployment Manager
  • Creating a Cloud Router
  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Creating an Azure Load Balancer
  • Creating a Function App
  • Creating an Azure ExpressRoute
  • Creating a VM
  • Creating an App Service Plan
  • Enabling Versioning in the Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Creating a Network ACL
  • Enabling Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • Conducting Vulnerability Scanning Using Nessus
  • Launching an EC2 Instance
  • Creating a VPC Peering Connection
  • Creating a Security Group
  • Creating a VPC and Subnets

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-004)


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